Canal cruise in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s past is tied to water. Its 165 canals have been constructed over the centuries to promote trade and transport and reclaim land to extend the region. They continue to characterize the city’s landscape and in 2010 the Amsterdam Canal Ring was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cruise the canals of Amsterdam, stroll under the ancient bridges and past the lovely buildings. Perhaps this is the best way to see the city! Rent a private boat in Amsterdam and enjoy the freedom to be on the water with your friends. We recommend to check out electric boats if available as they are quieter and eco-friendly.

A great alternative if you’re new to the city is to book a tour on a shared cruise ship. Most canal cruises take about an hour to visit Amsterdam’s UNESCO preserved canal ring and learn several fascinating facts about the city along the way. As well as the excellent one-hour offerings, other types of canal cruises available include realistic hop-on - hop services, romantic candle-lit trips, child-friendly experiences and intimate guided boat tours for smaller groups.