Haarlem medieval town

Haarlem is a quaint medieval town surrounding Amsterdam. It’s home to quaint cobbled streets, lovely brick houses and vibrant doors. Jump on a 15-minute train to make a perfect day ride from Amsterdam.

Haarlem is a beautiful town full of music, pubs, stores and restaurants. As well as being host to some of the best museums in the Netherlands and world-famous sculpture, it is consistently voted one of the best shopping cities in the region. There’s a lot to keep you amused – from river cruises, weekly markets, and more.

Grote Markt, the main center square, is still bustling with activity; whether residents love coffee in the sun, a food fair, or a weekly Saturday market. After visiting the city centre, visit the famous ‘Molen de Adriaan’ windmill on the waterfront.

How to get there

You can reach Harleem with just a fifteen minutes train ride from Amsterdam Central Station.