Utrecht student city

Amsterdam ‘s lovely southern neighbor, and one of the oldest towns in the Netherlands, is the charming city of Utrecht! Take a day trip from Amsterdam to explore its medieval streets and climb the Dom Tower, the tallest church tower in the world!

Not only is Utrecht an interesting student city, but it’s nowhere near as touristy as Amsterdam. There’s lots to do in Utrecht, with its countless peaceful canals, cute boutique shops and flower stalls, and beautiful architecture from corner to corner.

Things to do

Plan at least one full day to visit Utrecht, two nights would be ideal. Utrecht is undoubtedly one of the most stunning city centers in the Netherlands. Countless picturesque corners of cobblestone streets that make you want to grab your camera.If you navigate the canal and the street ‘Oudegracht’ all the way from top to bottom, you’ll find too many beautiful spots. And even better, you can stroll through the old town center in less than an hour, a great thing to do in Utrecht.

The Street Food Club

The best-decorated restaurant in the city of Utrecht is without a doubt ‘The Street Food Club.’ Set your foot in a wild colorful yet nicely decorated, pink room or tropical green room with a beautiful stained-glass ceiling. The food is amazing and they also have a lot of vegetarian and vegan options.

Oude Gracht’s

The two-kilometre-long ‘Oude Gracht’ (Old Canal) in Utrecht, with its lower quay and warehouses, is rare in the Netherlands. Some of these warehouses have been converted into restaurants and bars with a terrace on the waterfront. Either take a seat on the terrace or just lie down in the water where there are no restaurants.

Castle de Haar, Utrecht.

The fairytales come to life at the Castle de Haar, located just outside Utrecht. De Haar is the biggest castle in the Netherlands, boasting magnificent gardens and a truly breathtaking castle that you can also visit on the inside

How to get to Utrecht from Amsterdam

You can reach Utrecht in less than 30 minutes from Amsterdam Centraal, by train.