Volendam and Marken

The famous Dutch fishing villages Volendam and Marken are one of Amsterdam’s most successful day trips. It is renowned for its spectacular setting on Lake Markermeer and the good preservation of local customs and houses.


Volendam is renowned for its local residents, who are celebrating their heritage by wearing traditional costumes. Second, it is popular for fish, particularly smoked eel and herring.

Don’t hesitate to visit the maze-like area of the Doolhof, too. This is the oldest and most special part of Volendam, where buildings are absolutely randomly constructed!


The picturesque village of Marken sits just across the lake from Volendam. This charming village has a completely untouched atmosphere, with its vibrant wooden houses and fairytale-style drawbridges. The houses constructed on tiny wooden hills are a unique sight to see. Interestingly, it was initially built to shield the houses from rising tides.

How to get there

Get to Volendam in 30 minutes by bus number 316 from Amsterdam and then get to Marken by the Volendam via Ferry.