Must-try foods in Amsterdam

Even though the Netherland is quite a small country, there are plenty of delicious specialties to try. We have created a list of the must-try food in Amsterdam.

Apple Pie

Another classic specialty of the Netherlands is the world-famous apple pie. In addition to apples, the filling typically contains cinnamon and currants, and the pie is filled with whipped cream.

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Stroopwafels are fried “sandwiches” filled with caramel, and they are the best fit for a cup of coffee. In reality, some people put the stroopwafel on top of the coffee as a kind of lid to steam up the stroopwafel for a more oozing experience.

Amsterdam Fries (Frites)

The Dutch enjoy their fries and most of them are smothered in frietsaus: a thinner, sweeter variant of mayonnaise. You can find them almost everywhere in little shops and stands on the streets.

Dutch Cheese

Holland ‘s history of cheese production dates back to the time of Julius Caesar. Indeed, it seems that the number of dairy animals in the Netherlands will cope with the number of tulip bulbs in the region. The Dutch have introduced flowers and diverse varieties of cheese into their lives, linking them to festivals all year round. Cheese manufacturing and cheese bearing guilds have had a solid role in Dutch life and the Dutch economy for decades.

Dutch Pancakes (Pannekoeken)

Dutch pancakes are not far from big French crepes and come topped with sweet and savory flavors such as apple and cinnamon sugar or cheese and ham.

Dutch Codfish & Herring

With the North Sea quite close, fish in the Netherlands are not exactly in short supply. Try some delicious cod (or herring for a more savory taste) and you won’t be disappointed.


These small croquette treats are emblematic of the Netherlands. A popular snack bar, bitterballen is sometimes eaten alongside a small beer or a glass of wine. They are a thickened beef stew, covered in breadcrumbs and deep-fried. At Amsterdam’s DeHallen food store, go directly to De BallenBar, where Michelin-starred chef Peter Gast serves various flavors of Bitterballen — a truffle you can’t forget.