Amsterdam 9 streets (De 9 Straatjes)

The quaint and quirky streets that ring Amsterdam's largest canals make up the city's most photogenic micro-neighbourhood. Known to locals as De Negen Straatjes or 'The Nine Avenues,' this unique area is full of antique and designer shops, specialty shops and cozy cafés.

Amsterdam's trendiest shopping area is found within nine small streets of the Old Town, called The Nine Little Streets or The Nine Little Streets (Dutch: De 9 Straatjes). The 9 Small Streets are simply three streets that connect two canals: Herengracht and Keizersgracht, which make up nine small streets. They are surrounded by the canal Prinsengracht from the west and the canal Singel from the east. Full with small fashion shops, nice pubs, coffee bars, bookshops, home furniture stores and hairdressers, The Nine Small Streets is the place where locals go shopping, have fun, eat and drink.

History of the 9 streets

Why is this area called the “Nine Streets?” The 9 streets are transverse streets connecting Heren-, Keizers-, and Prinsengracht (3 x 3 = 9 Straatjes). It was built towards the end of the Golden Age because the old town area did not have enough room for all activities. It was practically booming with commerce, craft and culture in the 9 lanes, and this is still visible in 2010. Here you can find a number of art companies and a range of specialty stores.

Street names – like Huidenstraat, Runstraat and Wolvenstraat – remind of the art of leather manufacturing. The 9 streets form a special shopping area in the Netherlands and the middle of the Amsterdam canals, where many monumental structures can still be seen. In short: more than worth a visit!