Tulips in Amsterdam

When looking for Amsterdam, you might have seen many iconic pictures featuring tulips. Unfortunately tulip fields are not found in the city of Amsterdam.

Here is our little guide on how to have the best experience when visiting the tulip fields in the Netherlands.

When to visit

Around mid-April and early May, the Netherlands erupted into the colors of the rainbow. Wide tulip fields in the Netherlands present the country from one of its best sides. With more than 11000 hectares, tulips are a major export crop from the Netherlands. Right before the winter arrives, the bulbs are planted between October and January. The bulbs require a cool cycle to be able to bloom. Around mid-April, large fields surface in all sorts of colors, which are a feast for the eyes after a gray winter. In the first week of May, the flowers are harvested and ready for sale in stores, florists and supermarkets.

Where are the tulip fields

You can visit the tulips near Amsterdam in Lisse, Keukenhof or Noordoostpolder. If you have more time, however, the best spot to see tulips for free in the Netherlands is in the south-western part of the Netherlands. The island named 'Goeree-Overflakkee,' has one of the finest wind and huge tulip fields. Goeree-Overflakee and its tulip fields are 35 minutes ' drive from Rotterdam. Differently than Keukenhof and Lisse, these tulip fields are familiar only to locals who frequent the tulips on the weekend or after their day at work. There are so many fields around here that it won't be hard to find tulip flowers without any visitors.

Note: the tulip fields are a wonder for the eyes and of course you might want to take some beautiful pictures. Remember that the fields are private property, respect the work of the farmers and don’t walk inside the fields.