Best time to visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a wonderful place to enjoy all year long. But weather-wise, April-September has the most sunny days. The best time to visit Amsterdam will be April and May with rays of spring sunlight, temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees, and a city not too busy with visitors.

Alternatively, the winter from November to March will have lovely days, and also the possibility of the canals getting frozen. Ice-skating on the canals was a recurring occurrence twenty years ago, but sadly, due to climate change, it has become very rare.

Note: Every hotel room is booked in the city during Kingsday (April 27) and Pride Parade. Book it well in advance.

Best time to visit for Sightseeing

The perfect time to enjoy the sights of Amsterdam without the fear of anyone standing in the way of your vision is late autumn and much of the winter months. Of course, you’re going to need to cover up as it’s going to be chilly, and potentially rainy, but it may be worth it for a more peaceful atmosphere. If that sounds a little too cold to your taste, try going between April, May, early June, or mid-September and mid-October, when there’s a crowd.

Best time to see the tulips

Visit Amsterdam in mid-April if you're expecting to see the tulips at their vivid best. The season lasts from late March to mid-May, but the most abundant flowers normally arrive in mid-April. Of course, all this depends on the atmosphere, which can be challenging, if not impossible, to forecast.

Best time for shopping

Shops in Amsterdam, like many other European cities, don't make major sales all year round, or even at the end of each season. Here, January and July are months to buy, as that's when the retailers give the most drastic discounts as they clean up the inventory. You'll see the UITVERKOOP OPRUIMING shop windows, which means "sales".

Best time if you are on a budget

Are you backpacking through Europe and are on a budget? The winter months of December and January with a few visitors and fantastic offers are ideal for backpackers on a budget. Did you check our recommendation for the best hostels and accommodation in the city?

Best time for local festivals

Amsterdam has an active social calendar throughout the year, but April is the most common year after month with the Tulip Festival, the Film Festival and many others.

Amsterdam season by season


After a long cold winter, Spring brings out the best of Amsterdam and its countryside. The tulip season runs from mid-March to early May, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world to see the iconic Dutch fields. If you're planning your tour around this time, make sure you go to the Keukenhof Gardens to see the best flower of tulips.


Summer is a season when people are looking forward to warm sunshine and good conditions, even though it is often characterized by intermittent heavy rainfall. Lounge on the beach or on the terrace, enjoy a fishing ride around the canals, delight in the summer festivals, or simply schedule a picnic in the park.


With shorter days, red and orange leafy trees lining up the roads and golden leaves paving the paths, Amsterdam has a magical beauty in the autumn. There's a peaceful coziness in the streets, parks and canals after the noisy summers. With a plethora of cultural activities scheduled for the fall, Amsterdam is a delight in the autumn months.


If you enjoy winters, there is no better spot than Amsterdam. This fairy tale, like a town covered in snow, looks right out of a postcard. Festive fairs, snow activities and gourmet food galore contribute to the appeal. Evenings are all the more dazzling with the Amsterdam light festival decorating the canals with magical fairy lights and cozy cafes buzzing with live music.