How to get to Amsterdam

By Plane - Amsterdam Airport

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is where you will land coming from international destinations. Amsterdam City is just 15-minute train journey from the airport to Amsterdam Central Station.

By Train

If your looking for a more sustainable (and sometimes convenient) option to get to Amsterdam, you might be interested to know that now you can get to Amsterdam by train in less than 4 hours from many European cities.

Paris to Amsterdam train

Getting to Amsterdam from Paris by train might seem like a long way. With the new highspeed train, you can however get to Amsterdam in only 3.5 hours!

London to Amsterdam train

Did you know that you get from London to Amsterdam with the Eurostar in under 4 hours with prices starting from less than 50 Euros?

Brussels to Amsterdam train

Brussel is pretty close to Amsterdam: you can get to Amsterdam from Brussels in only 2 hours.

Berlin to Amsterdam

Getting to Amsterdam from Berlin will take you about 6 hours. Why not combining it with a visit to Hannover?