Color orange in the Netherlands

If you think about the Netherland, you immediately associate it with the color orange. Biut why are the Dutch so obsessed with this color?

The colours of the Dutch flag are red, white , and blue — no orange at all. It might seem strange, but there is some curious background behind the Netherlanders’ affinity for the color orange, despite their flag.

The orange craze can be traced back to the very origins of the Netherlands: orange is the colour of the royal Dutch dynasty.

The lineage of the present family, the House of Orange-Nassau, goes back to Willem van Oranje (William of Orange). This is the same Willem who gives his name to the Dutch national anthem, the Wilhelm.

Although the color orange has royal origins in the Netherlands, today it symbolizes the country’s greater pride in being Dutch. Colloquially known as Oranjegekte (Orange Craze) or Oranjekoorts (Orange Fever), the fascination with color extended to Dutch sporting activities in the later 20th century.